Putting the fizz into Coca-Cola's Brand Ambassadors.

In an age of increasing corporate responsibility, MAVERICK worked with 
Coca-Cola to upskill senior management on key social issues such as obesity 
and environmental sustainability.


  • As the world’s biggest drinks company, in an age of high focus on corporate responsibility, Coca-Cola needed to up-skill its senior management on key social issues, such as the environment and obesity
  • They needed a way to imbue the teams within Cola-Cola with the confidence to challenge objections, from both prospective clients and the general public with authority, through acurate and timely information
  • They needed a way to deliver this information consistently and effectively, so evangelising Coca-Cola’s Brand Ambassadors and motivating the wider team

What We Did

  • The creation of the Super Ambassador programme – an end-to-end reputation management initiative, comprising interactive prework, a 2-day intensive workshop with access to Subject Matter Experts and a dedicated website for ongoing support
  • The programme was designed with two objectives in mind; to enhance employee’s knowledge of the key components in the company strategy and to develop their ability to be effective communicators


  • Since its inception four years ago, the programme has been successfully rolled out to all Public Affairs and Communications (PA&C) audiences within Coca-Cola’s two largest bottlers – Coca-Cola European Partners and Coca Cola Hellenic
  • The popularity of the programme has led to the development and rollout of a Senior Leaders and Commercial version of the course
  • There has been a significant increase in confidence across the teams