Standing out in a crowded market.

When you’re one of the world’s largest multinational corporations, you’re undoubtedly going to attract ‘copycats’. So Sodexo turned to MAVERICK to 
help differentiate its brand and highlight its qualities.


  • Sodexo is a French food services and facilities management company
 headquartered in Paris
  • Sodexo is one of the world’s largest multinational corporations, with 420,000 employees that represent 130 nationalities and are present on 34,000 sites in 80 countries
  • For fiscal year 2010 revenues € 15.3 billion, with a market capitalisation of € 6.5 billion
  • Sodexo serves many sectors, including private corporations, government agencies, hospitals and clinics, assisted-living facilities, military bases, and prisons
  • Needed to differentiate its brand from its competitors and re-enforce its brand positioning/points of difference

What We Did

  • Developed a mulit-channel campaign strategy to target C-Suite decision makers
  • Devised a long-term 2 year campaign to support pre-pitch engagement
  • Created targeted portraits of audiences per sector
  • Identified behavioural, emotional, functional and process audience attributes
  • Selected targeted media channels to improve perceptions
  • Created a new visual language, photography style and tone-of-voice
  • Identified case study examples for each sector and created storytelling around these
  • Designed ambient graphics, digital media, event speaker materials, podcasts, live event brand experiences, microsite and face-to-face sales tools
  • Produced a media plan based on phased objectives


  • Sodexo Stories campaign results exceeded all expectations in the original forecast
  • Over 106,000 visits to Sodexo Stories provided valuable audience insights which can influence the effectiveness of future content
  • Promoting content at the optimum time
  • Tailoring content for the various touchpoints of the prospect/customer journey
  • Improved user experience i.e. tailoring CTAs